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EverySlings jacquard woven wrap.

Babyheart are suitable from birth and very easy to wrap with, which makes it also a great wrap for beginners. Color gradation not only looks beautiful, it will also facilitate learning to wrap. All of them feel extra soft from the start and are machine washable. Babyheart is not only perfect to wrap a newborn but also works well for bigger baby.

Wraps are produced in accordance with by OEKO TEX Standard 100 which guarantee high safety.

Woven Wraps are uniquely universal, both for the baby and the parent. Carrying have no age or weight restriction, therefore you can start carrying your newborn baby since day one! This type of sling are ideal for newborn babies, because you can carry your beloved baby in the physiological position. It can be used for as long as it’s comfortable both for you and the baby. It’s very common for fathers to use our slings as well, this is because it offers the possibility of having your hands free which helps fathers’ easily and actively join the process of baby care. If you have a bigger baby, you can also check out our selection of baby carriers – please see here.


Νο 5 4,2 m, Νο 6 4,6 m, No 7 5,2 m

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