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1) The fabric from which carrier is made is a high quality, certified jacquard material with Eco-Tex Standard 100 certificate. The carrier is compliant with safety standards PN-EN 13209-02 2016-04.


2) Easy height and width adjustment of the panel not only helps to stable position of the child; you can quickly adapt them to the size of a child you are carrying.


3) Certified Duraflex buckles guarantee durability and safety.


4) Incredibly comfortable waist belt easily adapts to your figure.


5) Shoulder straps, relieves the user and give many possibilities of tying.


6) You can carry your toddler both in front and on the back, or even on the side.


7) In addition, waist belt is equipped with a useful pocket for a mobile phone or wallet.


Panel sizes:

Width: maximum 40 cm, minimum 20 cm.

Height: maximum 40 cm, minimum 28 cm.


EverySlings Click & Tie grows with your child and accompanies you through childhood. It is suitable for children from 3.5 to 20 kg!


Half buckle carrier is a convenient combination of a adjustable carrier and a woven wrap. It has a hip belt with a buckle and long shoulder straps just like a sling. Thanks to that, half buckle carrier is a quick to put on and adapts very well both to user and child’s body.

The biggest advantage over traditional buckle carrier is the fact that you can run the shoulder straps under the child’s feet – thanks to this, his position is more similar* to the position in a sling than to the one in a buckle (*similar but not the same).

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