Ελαστικό wrap της εταιρείας Hoppediz από 100 % οργανικό βαμβάκι

  • Ειδικά για σχεδιασμένο και για πρόωρα μωράκια από 2 έως 9 κιλά.
  • Πυκνότητα 235  g/sqm, ελαφρύ και δροσερό.
  • Έχει ελαστικότητα προς όλες τις κατευθύνσεις για να εξασφαλίζει σωστό βαθύ κάθισμα.
  • Με 2 ταμπελάκια (middle markers) για να σας διευκολύνει στο δέσιμο
  • Φοριέται από πριν  πάνω μας και μετά βάζουμε μέσα το μωράκι μας

Hoppediz elastic wrap -Product description

For the most little ones and for beginners: premature and newborn babies up to 9 kg are most delicate darlings who can be well taken care of in an elastic sling. The cloth can be tied in advance and we recommend the front carrying variant: tummy-to-tummy. It can be used from the first day of life.


  • Soft in touch, incredibly elastic: easy-going, just like a second skin.
  • Stable edges.
  • Smaller cut (width approx. 50 cm) which is just right for delicate carried babies.
  • Two labels, easily visible, mark the centre of the cloth.
  • Provides for the correct spread-squat position.
  • Interlock knitting: stretchable in all directions ? for a perfect support!
  • Detailed and illustrated tying instructions (available in several languages) are attached.

We only recommend a carrying method that supports the baby with at least three lengths of cloth.
Consult your paediatrician and/or some healthcare professionals. Only carry premature babies when they are hemodynamically stable and can breathe without problems.


100% organic cotton, tested for harmful substances
Basis weight of the elastic baby slings: approx. 235 g/sqm


Washable up to 60° C (with motif: washable up to 40° C), don’t use optical brighteners.

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