Kokadi wrapstar  (English description below)

Το Kokadi wrapstar έχει κλιπ στη ζώνη της μέσης και ρυθμίζεται στο φάρδος με velchro για σωστό βαθύ κάθισμα του μωρού.

Οι φαρδιές άνετες ράντες από wrap υφασμα  Kokadi δένονται με διπλό κόμπο και εξασφαλίζουν άνεση στο γονιό και τέλεια εφαρμογή στο σώμα.

Συνδυάζει την άνεση ενός wrap με  την ευκολία ενός μάρσιπου  με κλιπ!

Ποιο μέγεθος Kokadi Wrapstar να επιλέξω?

Βάρος του μωρού :

KOKADI WrapStar Baby 3,5 – 15 kg
KOKADI WrapStar Toddler 7 – 20 kg
KOKADI WrapStar XL 9 – 30 kg


Διαστάσεις του μάρσιπου :

Μέγεθος Μέγιστο φάρδος (ρυθμζόμενο)   Ύψος πάνελ (σταθερό)
KOKADI WrapStar Baby 42 cm 34 cm
KOKADI WrapStar Toddler 47 cm 38 cm
KOKADI WrapStar XL 52 cm 43 cm


KOKADI WrapStar – Description

The half buckle carrier KOKADI WrapStar combines the best of woven wrap with the baby carrier. With a hip belt closed by a safety buckle, KOKADI WrapStar is as quick as a baby carrier and ready for a wonderful snuggles with your baby within a few seconds. Due to the shoulder straps made out of woven, KOKADI sling fabric to bind and knot for closing, the baby carrier fits your child and you optimally and thus not only ensures first-class ergonomics, but also maximum comfort for your little darling and yourself.

Thanks to the adjustable bridge, the KOKADI WrapStar baby carrier grows with your child and adapts to your baby at any time ideally. Whether in front of the stomach, on your back, or even on your hip, in the KOKADI WrapStar you can carry your baby as you both need it. Thanks to the foldable shoulder straps made of original woven KOKADI sling fabric, the weight of your child will be additionally distributed and gives you the opportunity to try different bindings and finishes as with the woven wrap. Your creativity knows no bounds!

From birth to far into infancy, our WrapStar baby carrier is the perfect choice for newborns and toddlers alike and simply wonderful throughout the entire gestation period. Rolled up small, it fits in every handbag and is always ready for unique cuddling moments with your little darling!


Babysize, Toddler, XL

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