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Έχει κουκουλίτσα που πιάνει με κλιπάκια πάνω στις πάντες και μαζεύει μέσα σε τσεπάκι (headrest)


Χαρακτηριστικά :

  • For babies ~ 0-36 months, weighing ~ 4,5-20 kgs, height ~ 55-104 cm.
  • Grows with your baby, adjustable width and height of the back panel.
  • In the design of baby carrier fabrics of different compositions and weaving are used.
    Belt and shoulder straps made of durable cotton fabric.
    The back panel is made of natural, soft, plastic fabric.
  • Keeps an ergonomic shape of baby’s hips, so called M-position.
  • Multiple positions: front (facing in), back and hip.
  • “X” and “H” shoulder straps options. 
  • There are three adjustment points on the straps.
  • The headrest supports the child’s head and increases the height of the back panel.
  • The hood is located in a pocket on the headrest.
    Protects the baby from the sun, wind, covers during sleep and feeding.
  • Wide supportive waist belt. 
  • Belt pocket.
  • Hipsit – additional function of the baby carrier.

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