Sensimo Freely Grow carrier-Description

Ergonomics and health. The design of the baby carrier allows the child to maintain the correct position retaining the physiological curves of the spine. This is how Freely Grow carriers differ from many cheaper substitutes in which the child sags instead of sitting comfortably. The carriers manufactured by Sensimo Slings are designed to carry the child face towards the parent – both in front and on the back – which is recommended for both psychological and physiological reasons.

Adjustable size. Too wide or too narrow a panel supporting a child makes it difficult for him to maintain correct posture and can compress blood vessels in the legs. The seat should reach popliteal pits; in Freely Grow carriers it is continuously adjustable, so it can always be adjusted perfectly unlike fixed width carriers or width-changed-in-steps carriers. A special scale on the upper edge of the waist belt helps in this. The height of the child supporting panel can be fitted too.

Security. In addition to the approvals that all the buckles and ergonomic straps have, the Freely Grow baby carrier is equipped with an additional safety element: a dedicated elastic band around the belt through which the buckle should be threaded. Its role is to hook and hold even the unfastened buckle.

Certificate. The carrier is sewn in a manner consistent with European Safety Standards (PN-EN 13209-2: 2006) from materials woven from yarn certified by OEKO-tex Standard 100.

Hygiene. The carrier – for free – comes with special pads for the shoulder straps to protect them from toddler biting. This important detail means that the Freely Grow sling gets dirty much less than products without such protection and is a lot easier to clean – take them off, wash et voila!

Economy. Thanks to the adjustable size (3.5-20 kg), you don’t have to change the carrier to a larger one when your child grows up, or to a smaller one when another child is born. The Freely Grow baby carrier is perfect for every situation and “grows” with your child!

Comfort. The Freely Grow ergonomic carrier has been designed with maximum comfort of users in mind. It has wide, well-filled shoulder and hip straps lined with foam with specially selected parameters, ensuring comfort even after long wearing. The holes for the legs have an additional filling at the edges, which increases the comfort of your baby. Each adjustment strap has an elastic band allowing it to be rolled up. The shoulder straps are unfastened and adjustable on both sides. Adjusting the width is facilitated by a special scale on the waist.

Riding cap – support and discretion. A detachable hood allows you to support your baby’s head while sleeping, thanks to the elastics that can be attached to the shoulder straps. For an additional fee, we can add a spare cap with a selected pattern from those offered by the store or made of the material entrusted by the customer (e.g., with a child’s name embroidered).

Storage. Thanks to the unfastened shoulder straps, the baby carrier can be completely “flattened”, which greatly simplifies its folding, packaging and storage.

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